Web Wallet Disabled – Important Information

As you will be aware, we disabled the Linx Web Wallet recently so we could run tests against potential risks.

We take the security of your holdings very seriously.

We have concluded, that at this current time, web wallets as a model for storing cryptocurrencies have potential vulnerabilities that we are not happy to expose our users to.

With our current plans, Linx is about to be introduced to a significant amount of new users with very little or no previous crypto experience. We want Linx to be a smooth, pleasurable and most importantly safe way for all users to transact and store currency.

We know that most of you are already fully aware of the risks of holding large amounts of your currencies in web wallets and have alternative storage as recommended, but new Linx users may not be.

It is very important to us that we protect all users as much as possible, and to this end, we have decided that the Linx web wallet will remain offline for the foreseeable future or until we feel confident that the potential risks with web wallets have been eliminated.

All users of the Linx web wallet with positive balances will be contacted directly to arrange transfer of their funds*.

If you don’t already have an alternative wallet you can download a version for your operating system directly from us. If you need help installing or using your new wallet please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through it.

Kind regards,

Team Linx

*If you did not supply an email address when you signed up, please contact us.