Mandatory Wallet Update!

Hey guys,

As some of you will be aware, recently there has been a significant increase in 51% attack attempts on a large amount of cryptocurrencies.

We have also experienced several attempts to attack the Linx blockchain. Over the past few weeks we have been working on urgent steps to protect the network and have now issued a critical wallet update containing some vital code changes in relation to how blocks are accepted.

The is a mandatory update – all older wallets still on the network will no longer function after Tuesday 18th December at 00:00:00 (Unix Epoch – 1545091200).

We realise that this is a very short window and understand that it may cause some inconvenience, but this is a mission critical update that needs to be implemented as fast as possible to help to protect the network from any future attacks.

All users should update to the latest wallet immediately which is available at the link below.

Unix users should git pull and build from source tag v1.1.0.0, Windows wallets are available now at the link above. We are currently working on the Mac OS dmg and will update you as soon as it’s available.

Important: Please ensure that you backup your wallet first as a precaution before installing any updates.

Both pools are still up and running and all shares are safe, but expect to see occasional errors reported on the front end until the network has stabilised again on the new protocol.

Best regards,

Team Linx

  • underland

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  • underland
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