Linx Block Halving – Important Info for All Mining Pools

Hey guys,

It’s been just over a year since the Linx blockchain was launched and our first scheduled block halving is about to take place in a few days time. As a result, all mining pools will need to make a slight adjustment to their config file.

From block 500001 the reward changes from 50 LINX to 25 LINX and the Dev Fee also halves with it down to 1.25 LINX.

The following update will need to be made to your mining pool config file to reflect the drop in the Dev Fee.

Please DO NOT try to implement the code below BEFORE block 500001 as you will receive rejected blocks.

The first rewardRecipient in your pool config file currently pays 2.5 to the Dev Fee address. This needs to be changed to 1.25 from block 500001:


"rewardRecipients": {

     // Dev fee MUST come first  
     // Do not change this line
     "XF7kCcs4woQD9WWnCHuN6SWPeUNK2fBspr": 1.25,
     // Now add your pool fee here as normal    


Failure to update the code after block 500001 won’t prevent your pool from working but you may end up paying 1.25 LINX more than you need to the Dev Fee address, so please try to implement the new config file as soon as you can after the block hits.

So, just to clarify, from block 500001 the total release output from each block changes from 52.5 LINX to 26.25 LINX. 25 is the new block reward and 1.25 is the new Dev Fee.

We’ll be posting alerts right before and after the halving to ensure everybody has seen this information.

Future halving : We will soon be releasing version 2.0 of the Linx source code which won’t require any more manual updates to pool config files with regards to future scheduled block halvings. We will be supplying full config details along with the new release.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the mining pools and miners around the world helping to secure the Linx network. We sincerely appreciate your support!

Kind regards,

Team Linx

Reference for new pools :

Halving countdown here :

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