Complete 3rd Party Platform Integration and fiat entry!

It’s with great pleasure that we can finally announce the first third party platform that has adopted Linx as its sole cryptocurrency.

Possibly most exciting for us is the fact that they are selling Linx to their members via PayPal, which effectively gives Linx its first fiat entry port!

D3EP.COM is an electronic music radio station and social media platform based in the UK. Although based in the UK they have Djs, members and listeners from all over the world.

You can read their announcement which was released on the platform earlier this evening at this link.

So what did we do for them?

First we provided every single one of their members with an instant Linx wallet embedded into their user account. The wallets require absolutely no software to be installed on the users part and no block chain to download and sync. The wallets are fully integrated with the websites theme and mold seamlessly into the members user interface. Access to the wallet is controlled entirely by the users existing account password. For extra security we have installed a 4 digit, user selected PIN system which they have to enter every time they want to transfer funds. This will protect their funds if they happen to leave their computer somewhere while still logged into the site. All wallet actions, resetting the PIN, sending funds and receiving funds trigger email alerts to the account owner as an added layer of security.

The next step was to make it user friendly as most of the members on this site are entirely new to cryptocurrencies and shouldn’t be expected to have to learn even the basics right away.

To begin with we removed the messy business of addresses from their user experience. It’s all too easy to forget how confusing this was when we all first set our eyes on Bitcoin years ago. So, instead of copying and pasting long lines of random text and numbers, users simply click on a “Send Linx” button embedded on another users profile to send them coins.

This automatically populates the address field for them in their wallet so all they have to do is type in the amount, enter their PIN and click send. We took this even further by creating a database of transactions, linked to each users ID, allowing members to actually see the name of the person they are about to send Linx to right in their wallets as well. All outgoing transactions display the users avatar too.

The same is applied to incoming transactions so users can instantly know who’s sent them something. We have also given users the option to send any transaction entirely anonymously. One of the ways the platform is using Linx is as a tipping mechanism for their Djs. This way users can tip their favourite Dj without them knowing who it came from if they choose.

Account balances. As 8 decimal point numbers are going to look alien to most of the newcomers we reduced the decimal places display down to the last zero and have also written a base currency selector into their wallets. They can choose between GBP, USD, EUR and BTC and this is displayed underneath their available balance to give them a “real world” idea of what they have in their wallets.

Again pushing this a bit further we have also included a “live amount” convertor. As they type an amount it instantly converts and displays the entered Linx amount in the base currency of their choice so they know exactly how much value in fiat that they are about to send. The base rates for the calculations of the conversion are grabbed by polling the coinmarketcap API every 60 seconds for the latest rates.

Lastly, to really fully integrate the experience of using Linx for their members we added a few more nice little touches.

We tapped into their existing notification API so users receive instant notifications right there on the screen the second somebody sends them Linx, wherever they are on the site.

We also created a simple messaging system giving the users an option to attach a short message to every transaction they send. Anonymous transactions can also have a message attached which is quite fun, especially when used as a tipping mechanism.

Feel free to head over to the site and check it out for yourselves as we would love to hear your feedback!